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Access Tasks via API - Feature Request

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The Evernote public API doesn't expose Tasks in any ways. Tasks are even excluded in the note content. 

Please provide an enpdoint to access Evernote tasks via API. That would enable many third partys to sync tasks to other services and to use it in a calender to plan the week or export tasks to excel and so on.

See screeshot how Tasks are currently reflected in note content accessd via API:


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I believe that the API will, in time, be updated to expose the various newer functions that have been incorporated since the release of v10 of the software.

My guess is that it will be sometime before that takes place since the new functions have not settled.

So please register your request directly with Evernote since these forums are user-to-user and Evernote staff only visit infrequently.  Either use the Feedback option in one of the applications or submit a support ticket.

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