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Hi there,

When log in to the android app with my fingerprint I really would like to have the app logged in while using AND for a certain time after not using it anymore. When I change to another app on my phone and come back after i.e. 1 minute I have to login in again. It should be nice if it is still open for let say 20 minutes.

Any setting which I missed to set this?




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Hi.  I assume Evernote is using a service via your device OS to allow the log-in,  and it's that service which governs when things are authorised or closed.  Whether it has features which allow third-party apps (like Evernote) to set conditions on those actions,  is entirely another question,  and one that Evernote might not be able to answer.  I'd suggest your best action would be to ask Evernote Support (which we're not) if they have any ideas,  as well as contacting your own mobile providers to see whether there are any Android services that might help... 

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I know the question is about Android, but on iOS Evernote behaves the same currently: I can turn on the passcode (and also unlock with Face ID) or I can turn it off altogether, but there is no "require passcode after XX minutes" setting. Another app that I have on my phone, DayOne, can do this. It has a preference for it like this:


My banking app doesn't have a setting for it, but there is some kind of time allowance because if I switch back to that app after twenty seconds, it doesn't require my passcode (or FaceID) again for that app. I'm not sure what the timeout limit is for that app.

Those two things and the fact that I've never seen a system-wide require passcode at the app level (there is one for when the phone itself goes to sleep though -- but that's different) after XX minutes lead me to believe that it's up to the app developer to implement a "require after XX minutes". I'm guessing on Android -- at the app level -- it would be up to the developer to implement something as well.

I don't think you are missing anything that I can see (again, at least on iOS and guessing Android too) -- Evernote just hasn't implemented anything yet for it (if ever).


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I asked Evernote support but currently there is no possibility to accomplish this. So they will put it to the developers team and maybe it will be implemented in the future.

Thanks everyone for answering my question.

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