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Two way sync Google Calendar and Evernote tasks



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I would also add regarding the Google Calendar being just one direction.

Interestingly, if you unload your G calendar connection from the EN calendar widget the default message on the widget is: "Connect your calendar and link notes to events for easy access".  Well, in my mind, the word "link" means there is a link between the note and the event and should the event be in a Google calendar then one would expect a proper link.  Then it goes on to say "easy access".  Questionable?

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Evernote tasks appearing in Google was never offered or promised. Neither is two way sync. 

When Calendar sync was introduced it was always clear that it was intended to be a one direction. The intention is to provide context for notes rather than an external means of adding to and amending calendar entries directly. Send some feedback to Evernote. It might get on the list of options to be considered.

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I would second the comment above that not even my EN tasks show up in EN calendar? I can't find any solution to this online so far.  I actually upgraded in order to get tasks working in a calendar but I can't seem to make it work.

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