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Not seeing all the screen on Evernote Legacy

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The old version is exactly this - old. Old code, old concept, old UI. It already was old when it was officially deprecated in October 2020.

You can still be a fan of Windows XP, or think that Word Perfect would perfectly cover your text editing needs. No issue, just continue to use it. But when you upgrade the OS, it may well be that old, not maintained software stops working.

This happened just now with EN legacy and MacOS Ventura. Not yet „Game over“, but the old app is significantly handicapped. Time to switch. If you don’t like v10, there are a few alternatives, each one with its own feature set, and some restrictions.

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The primary alternative is EN v10. I use it, and it does what I need. 

If you mean something else, on a Mac (including iOS) you can employ Apple Notes. It is not feature complete compared to EN,  but for many use cases it is pretty much up to the job. Through iCloud it can even be accessed on Windows PCs.

A feature rich alternative is Devonthink. Two main differences: It is self hosted on a Mac, not in the cloud, and it is purchased software, no subscription. It makes pretty heavy use of Mac features like spotlight, search and scripting.

Sorry for anybody on Windows: Out of luck for both alternatives.

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I always said if a MacOS update prevented me using Legacy (or oldest "still green" v7) I would look at an alternative client rather than v10... Quentier is a Qt based client available for Linux, Windows and Mac which I've "run up" a couple of times in the past - no idea on Ventura compatibility... For now I'm still using Legacy/v7 on Mac (though my daily driver is a Linux laptop with NixNote2) and yes on Ventura there is this UI bug... I think smaller windows don't show it (or not as much) but I've not tested comprehensively... For what is hopefully a simple fix I'd love some kindly Mac developer (if there are any still at EN) to spin up Xcode see if they can provide a UI fix... Probably never gonna happen...

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Legacy is deprecated, on the side of EN nobody will touch anything.

If what caused the effect in Ventura will get any attention may happen, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Anyhow v10 is the far better EN client - just got the next cool feature never seen on any legacy client, by adding backlinks. They work like a charm, including links that has already existed since long. Now any link between notes can be traveled in both directions !

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