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Looking for calendar/task list that displays links to images or images

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I'm running a catering business and am looking for a calendar or another easy soltion in which you can put images.
To sketch the situation: We get orders that tend to be fairly complex. Either though the mail or at the luchroom. These orders can be months ahead.
We just want to screenshot the order or make a picture if the order was taken in the lunchroom and put it in a calendar of some sort so everyone knows what is when.

I'm already using a simple template in Evernote that looks like a calendar but is actually just an excel-like generated non-responsive grid. I'm sure there is a better way.

Ideally I would like to see the following:
1. A calendar that allows links that link to the image.
2. A task list that links to the image.

I hope someone is aware of one of these options, you would be a lifesaver!
Thank you!

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Hi.  Don't know how complicated you want to be with your 'calendar',  but a simple solution would be to create a note for each order,  including the image(s) you need.  Tag the note with something relevant like <orders> and title it with the date the order will be required as yyyymmdd (today being 20221128 for instance).  Save a search for tag:orders and sort the results by title. 

Might be best to create a separate notebook for your orders so they're all in one place - then you don't 'lose' information if someone forgets to apply the tag.

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