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How to use indent and outdent in whole table



Whenever a table is created in Evernote, it is always created on the left side.
While any word in the document can be moved anywhere left right, middle, through indent and outdent.
Give the same option to apply on the table as well so that the table can also be made in the middle and right where needed
Give one more option in table formatting,
Wherever the work is being done in the document and whether bullet formatting or number formatting has been applied there, the table can be created.
You can also do this in this that the table should be created at the place where the cursor is positioned.

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Tables are placed oriented to the left of the note. You can align text in a table cell left, center or right, plus use indentation on the text.

You can’t align the whole table center or right in the note itself, and you can’t indent it.

Like other editing features EN focuses on fast, efficient editing of notes. This implies a reduced set of options, to avoid deep and complex menus. If you want extended formatting options, use a word processor or layout software, and place the resulting file into an EN note.

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