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Provide the ability to link to a specific location in a note



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Yep - I would like that too.

This feature has been requested many times and for quite a while -- so don't hold your breath!!!

This request, backlinks, and an internal table of contents would be great additions (and all seem to kind of go together).

In the indefinite meantime, a "workaround" (or different way to think about it), if you will, is to make notes shorter rather than longer notes and link to the note itself. I mean, we can go up to 100,000 notes. An added benefit of a shorter note is that if you title it uniquely enough, you can find it super quick from anywhere with the 'Switch To' command.

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16 hours ago, iceman melb said:

Check out version 10.51.7... mentioned backlinks!

I don't believe this specific thread is the same thing as backlinks. Backlinks show you other notes that link to the note you are currently in. This thread is about linking to a specific header (or other location) in a given note -- not to just the note itself.

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2 hours ago, iceman melb said:

Ok. My apologies.

🤦🏼‍♂️ Ooof - apologies myself. I see that I'm the one that mentioned back-links first with regards to it being related to what OP was requesting.

2 hours ago, iceman melb said:

At least Backlinks is a start.


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