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Pinning Pics to Dashboard

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Hi.  Like your name,  though it's only wise to do so if you're with someone and you're sure you can run faster.  Otherwise I think playingdeadforabear might be safer. :huh:

As to your question (and yes,  you do always get unwanted extra advice when you post here) - if you're a subscriber,  you can change the background to the page,  so you could create any kind of photo montage in whatever available space you have.  With that one exception though nothing exists 'inside' Evernote unless it's part of a note (or a task,  but I don't think that helps here...)  You could pin a note to the home page and attach a picture there...

NB you also have to be a subscriber to save changes.  See more here - Customize Home

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In addition that a picture must always live inside of a note, the pictures that will show on the Home page are only the thumbnails. We have discussed in the forum up and down that today we lack a mechanism that makes a specific picture show as thumbnail. Notes that carry several pictures will show one of them as thumbnail - but not necessarily the one we want to display.

This further reduces the possibility to show a specific picture on the Home Screen.


A note can be pinned to the Pinnboard. Here the actual content of the note will show. If it is a picture, and at the beginning of the note, it will show.

Subscribers can personalize their Home Screen by picking a picture. This will show, at the top of the Home Screen, but only a small portion of it will actually be visible. If it is your secret plan for world domination, you should wisely choose which picture you upload.

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