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Tag Expansion Mechanism



On my desktop and laptop, I can see the tags I have assigned to the note, but not all of them when the window is not open. Could you make a toggle switch that would allow it to show all the tags that are in it? This way I can see everything and can figure out what new tags to add to it. 



Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 12.03.06 PM.png

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I'm not totally following what is being asked, but wanted to point out that you are using the old/legacy version. How the tags display in the new version 10 release is different from what you have posted. They are at least different in the fact that the tags display at the bottom of the note editor, instead of the top.

No changes will be made to the old/legacy versions of the software so you might want to check out the newest release and see what difference/impact that is to you.

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Hmm, you're right about that. Looks like my desktop computer is on v7.xxx but when I check for updates, it says I'm up to date on that computer. My laptop is showing:


10.49.4-mac-mas-public (459555)
Editor: v161.2.19948
Service: v1.61.2
© 2019 - 2022 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved


How do I get my desktop up to speed when It says I have the latest version. Both computers are running the same Mac OS 13.0.1

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Version 10 was so radically different from the previous version that they didn't want you to directly update to it because a lot of the functionality wasn't there yet (and some of it is never going to be there) so that's why you can't get updates for it that way.

To get the latest version it's basically a fresh install, so you'll have to go to the App Store and search for Evernote and install it again or go to Evernote's website and download and install it. Your notes will be resynced from the server down to the new install.

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