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(Archived) Can't use Windows client at all!

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I don't know where to go to get any support for this. At this point, as much as I like the Evernote concept, I'm going to have to move to something else. My exb file is corrupt and won't accept any more notes. Yes, I can go online and use Evernote through the website, but it doesn't really support rich text editing and is inconvenient to use if I want to format a note. Retrieval that way also doesn't make sense when I have a valid client OS.


My exb file became corrupt while I was typing a new note. I managed to salvage that note by copying it out and pasting into an e-mail. However, I now cannot sync that exb file at all. I can't create new notes without getting an error message. Worse, I can't create a new note file. When I do, I either get a failure on syncing my tags or I get an Abnormal End of the whole app. At this point, I'm stuck. I've submitted my exb file and several requests for help, but have heard very little after that original submission of my exb file. Apparently there's nowhere else to turn for support and I've already tried to look through the exb file using sqlite.

If someone can help me through this, I'm more than willing to keep on testing, but at this point it's hard to justify the continued use of Evernote. If I was even getting some responses back indicating that there's some actual progress being made that would help me feel a little better. But all I've really had was silence, with the exception of Ivan responding to a PM. (Thank you.)

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You can "rebuild" the desktop version of your exb file from the information you have in the web version. It would mean deleting your exb file (and any local, i.e., local to that machine only, notes). Then, the next time you open EN on the desktop, "synch", and your database should come in from the internet.

(Perhaps instead of deleting, just move the exb file.)

Anyway, I ended up breaking my exb file early on in the beta, and that was the suggested fix. Unfortunately, you'll lose local notebooks.

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Tried that - it didn't work. I think the main issue is that the Evernote files are put in the My Documents area by default. Ours is set up to use Offline Folders and we can't change it. I did find that if I move the exb file out of that folder, I can open it and work with it. I can completely delete the "My Evernote" folder and restart Evernote. For some reason, that works.

However, the main problem still remains - I get corruption in my EXB file and can't really work around it easily. I am now back to the point where I can work and will make a shortcut of my "Local" exb file so I can work against that. I tried another suggestion to get Evernote to point to a local file and it didn't work. I just had my folders recreated in my Offline Files My Docs. Admittedly, the sync worked at that point and I could continue, but I don't anticipate that this will last long the next time I'm offline.

If anyone on the programming team is listening - we really need the ability to change the location of the Evernote Files. I understand that you can't support Offline File access at this time, but for those of us locked into that for "My Documents", we don't have a lot of options.

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paschott - we're definitely listening, and recognize that the static location of the EN database causes problems for a number of users for a variety of reasons. We definitely plan to address this.

Thanks for the feedback

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Thanks, Dave. I think that's the first major response I've had on this issue. That does do quite a bit to help me feel a little more at ease. I've found a workaround for the moment and can keep testing, but the frustration level has been pretty high on the whole. When the product you're using enters what looks like a non-recoverable state and you don't get a whole lot of help, it really leads towards abandoning the product as a viable option.


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