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Small UI improvement when printing



Hi. As always, thx for listening.

The print process has been improving (no small feat!) but in the last release (10.49.4 on Win 11), the print dialog added an extra 2 clicks to print selected pages.

The "pages to print" field used to be visible. When you typed in it, you automatically changed from "print all" to "custom print".
Now you have to click "All Pages" dropdown to reveal the "Custom Range" option, and then click that to reveal the page-range field.
Then you click in the field to specify the page(s) to print.

It's two extra mouse clicks. Small, I know. But in the world of UI, small things add up!
If there were some big dialog coming under "custom print", it might make sense. (No idea what that might be, but it's possible.)
Otherwise, it's a pointless extra click when there is plenty of room to display the field.

More importantly, this is something I do every day. I have a long punch list of things to do in my workshop.
At the start of the day, I print the first page. (I rarely get beyond that in a day.)
So every day starts with 2 extra clicks to view a field there's plenty of room for that used to always be there.

Another small inconvenience: 
You could tell if pagination was an issue by looking to see if "Custom Page" was disabled. If it was you knew the note would print on a single page.
Now, you have to click the All Pages dropdown just to find out if Custom Page is disabled.

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