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Multiline code block in numbered and bullet list. [Must needed for programing notes]



When taking notes for programming code blocks are very essentials. Evernote has line code block and block level code block which would take up the entire width. 

A code block. When organizing notes we would use numbered list and I find it very difficult to take notes. Currently I use a hack by using inline code for each line which takes a lot of time. 


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Thanks - I voted the idea up.

Until Evernote ever implements the ability to place a code block in a list (and syntax highlighting too -- which neither might ever happen), the way that I would do it is to take a screenshot/image of the code snippet instead like this:


That way you get both the inline line item and syntax highlighting.

If I did need to copy and paste text from one of those images then (at least on Mac) I can just open it in Preview and copy the text from the image from there (though this sometimes misses on the symbols) -- but generally the snippet is just for review anyway.


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20 hours ago, Mike P said:

A single cell table, in grey, with text  using the monospace text style allows more complex formatting of code. It does get spell checked though so beware the red squigly lines.

@Mike P I tried this but table only appears as in new line towards the left of the note and I could not make it appear inside a numbered list. 


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51 minutes ago, Anju27 said:

I tried this but table only appears as in new line towards the left of the note and I could not make it appear inside a numbered list. 

Good point. I'm not sure you will get exactly what you want. EN is a general purpose note taking app and so it is very difficult to optimise it for everybody's specific needs. I do find tables are generally a good way of getting more control over the layout of my notes. Merging cells gives you alot of options. You can also put standard EN code blocks and inline code in tables. I would do something like the screen shot below, and this may or may not be helpful for you



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I'm starting to learn how to edit codes and script for my job role and it would be very helpful to allow us to make a list while being able to include a code block as well. 

In Microsoft Word, you have the ability to continue the numbering list. Something like this would also be feasible. 

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