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I've just gone to check 2 notes that I use on a regular basis and they've just disappeared. They're not in Trash, I've checked both the mobile app and Web. They're really important, and I'm not impressed I can't contact anyone at Support. This is more likely to make me leave forever, not start paying. Anyone else had notes go missing?

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18 hours ago, emdoubtfire said:

This is more likely to make me leave forever, not start paying.

Using free software for really important notes is not exactly recommended...  This is not normal behaviour - have you searched for any keywords included in those notes?  Deleted notes would go straight to Trash on any device.

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This is unusual. It might be worth subscribing for just one month in order to contact support about it, and get access to Note History (though if the notes have truly disappeared, their history will have gone too. After the problem is solved you can drop back to the free level.

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