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How to add detail informations for each task?

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Hey Kenbucha :) How are you? Typically what I do is have a task as part of a bigger note. I generally see the process as starting with the note, with appropriate tasks coming from the process of creating a note. Not always....but generally. So in your example, perhaps you would maintain a grocery list in a note, and within that note is a recurring task for "picking them up"

Does that make sense? If not, feel free to DM me in here 

Have a great day.




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I tend to use a Hybrid of both Tasks within notes, where the note requires a Task and general basic Tasks in the Default Task Note.  Being able to View  "By Due Date" ,"Notes" & "My Tasks" the latter being My default Task Note. 

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@kenbuchaI agree with you, am hoping some of this gets into a future update.  There's another thread on calendar view of tasks that touch on this (below). Since I use a master list of tasks (versus each task living in its respective note), I'll add a link to a relevent note in the task name if needed.  The task title gets a little long, it may not work for everyone.


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