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Hi everyone,

I have about 15 different stacks for more than 200 notebooks. The stacks help me keep a massive amount of information organized. I use Evernote on MAC  v1.42.2.
It is incredibly frustrating that I cannot search a stack in the stack search pane to quick pull up a stack so I can find one of the 20-40 different notebooks that might be in it. The whole "stack:"xyz"" does not work for me nor do I see that as a valid solution. Please, does anyone know how to easily search for a stack through which you can click to find your notebooks? Thank you.

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Hey Raphael, I hope all is well with you. Apologies if I have misunderstood, but if the challenge is merely finding a notebook within a stack, even if there are 200 of them, is it not simple enough to merely use the left navigation pane, given you only actually have 15 stacks? If not, and I assume that I must be misunderstanding you, DM me on here and we can discuss more :)

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Just enter a search. Then use the filter icon, click on the "Is located in ..." option.

Here you can select a stack as good as you can select a notebook. This restricts the search to that stack with all notebooks, as it would do for a notebook if selected.

Remark: Way too many notebooks, no wonder you get overwhelmed by your own organizational colossus. Less would be more. You could probably make notebooks out of your stacks, and tags out of the notebooks.

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On 11/20/2022 at 10:51 AM, Raphael Riviere said:

Please, does anyone know how to easily search for a stack through which you can click to find your notebooks?

This might help although there are a few limitations. Rather than use the notebook search use the normal search. If you type

stack:my_stack_name notebook2

EN will search for "notebook2" within the my_stack_name stack. It is searching for the literal text "notebook2" so that includes text in a note, notebook names, tags etc. These will be identified by the icons in the drop down. Don't press return as you will only get notes matching the criteria. Here is an example where you can see notes, notebooks and a tag which meet the search criteria.


Clicking on Shatred Recipes opens that notebook.

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