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Main note window format to narrow

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This looks like you address using the Legacy software on a Mac. At a guess you've upgraded to Ventura on MacOS.

This issue has been reported affecting users with Ventura and Evernote Legacy.

There is no solution other than upgrading to Evernote v10.

Since Legacy is end-of-life there will be no fixes.

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If you have a bad install, uninstall. To make a full uninstall, get the app AppCleaner. The usual Mac uninstall is not sufficient to kill a corrupted database.

Open it, drop the EN v10 icon on it, and in the following box make sure all elements are selected for removal. Confirm, let the AppCleaner do the job.

Restart the Mac.

Get a fresh copy from the EN website, install it. Log in. It will pretty fast show your notes, but it needs more time to download everything, including the attachments. So let the EN app open in the background, while it downloads. This can Tahoe hours or even days, depending on your internet connection and the size of the database, among others.

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