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Images disappear in notes, appear with filename and warning

Don Lance


I have used images in notes for years.  With the last month or so many of my notes are suddenly no longer showed the embedded images I had pasted within them.  

It doesn't matter if I'm using the desktop client, an Android phone or tablet.  The same problem appears in all clients, all platforms.

So not viewing the image in the note is a major issue as it's a loss of captured information I need to reference.

In place of the image is some type of placeholder for "image.png" or "attachment.jpg".  It includes size information and a warning symbol.  Examples are attached.  If you open by clicking on it (or download it and view it), you receive the message from the image viewer: "It appears that we don't support this file format."

So even worse, not only is my captured image information not viewable in Evernote, it appears that the image has somehow become corrupted in Evernote and it is not retrievable?

This has worked reliably for me for years, but something has happened in which images in Evernote are no longer reliable.  I've searched the forums to see if anyone else has reported it, but I haven't found anything yet.

Any answers?  This issue has created a major productivity disruption for me.

EverNote - Image Rendering Failure 2.jpg

EverNote - Image Rendering Failure 1.jpg

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