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Swiftscan (ScanBot): cloud service to Evernote stopped!

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After 5 years of a good, automated process, the (android) App Swiftscan (fka ScanBot) doesn't support the automatic upload to cloud service Evernote anymore. (still available cloud services see attachment, unfortunately Evernote no moreScreenshot_2022-11-17-08-39-07-089_net_doo_snap.thumb.jpg.f41b1b6a02db7b54d89b5340de1f37c2.jpg)

Are there other users who suffer from this change? Do you found a workaround?

I like to scan my documents (ocr) and upload them automatically to Evernote.


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Thank you @PinkElephant. Yes, I contact the Swiftscan support and get this answer. So sounds like an issue, but I used Evernote cloud service before and not the first time.

--- start snippet answer from Swiftscan support - - -

Thanks for reaching out to us.


Due to technical issues with the SwiftScan app when attempting to log into the Evernote cloud service for the first time, we removed the option from the SwiftScan Android app.


If you previously connected to Evernote in the app, the option for the Evernote cloud service should still be available. (COMMENT: No, it's not available anymore) 


Our team will continue to investigate, and while we cannot promise to add the Evernote cloud service back into the app, we will do our best to resolve it.


Thank you for your understanding. Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns.



SwiftScan Support Team

--- end snippet - - - 


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Thanks for the feedback. I took the ball and send a scan through the API from Scanner Pro to EN right after I posted my answer here. It took a little (maybe because the servers run in regular cycles, delaying transmission), but after appr. 15min it appeared in my account, complete with an additional text and the tags I had added to the scan in the upload dialogue.

So give my regards to the SwiftScan-Team: Just try harder, there is no problem with the EN interface - at least for your competition everything is working.

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Lucky @PinkElephant, that you are using the right scan app (for ios). But Swiftscan doesn't worked as before 8-(


About my request to Evernote, I've got this answer (Swiftscan app Android and Evernote) :

(translation to german)

-- start  ENnsupport mail- - 

Englisch (Re-translate from German) :

I understand that you are no longer able to upload your scanned documents to Evernote as a cloud service using Swiftscan for Android and that the Swiftscan company has informed you that Evernote is no longer supported. I appreciate your efforts in sending us an activity log.

 I wanted to let you know that we haven't built this feature into the new Evernote app. This is one of the features that we are still considering. Thank you for letting us know that this feature is important to you. I will share this information with our product team.

 Should there be anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to write to me

German/Deutsch :

Ich verstehe, dass Sie nicht mehr in der Lage sind, Ihre gescannten Dokumente mit Swiftscan für Android auf Evernote als Cloud-Dienst hochzuladen und dass das Swiftscan Unternehmen Ihnen mitgeteilt hat, dass Evernote nicht mehr unterstützt wird. Ich schätze Ihre Bemühungen, uns ein Aktivitätsprotokoll zu senden.

Ich wollte Sie wissen lassen, dass wir diese Funktion nicht in die neue Evernote-App integriert haben. Dies ist eine der Funktionen, die wir immer noch in Betracht ziehen. Danke, dass Sie uns darauf aufmerksam gemacht haben, dass diese Funktion für Sie wichtig ist. Ich werde diese Informationen mit unserem Produktteam teilen.

Sollte es etwas anderes geben, bei dem ich Ihnen helfen kann, zögern Sie nicht, mir zu schreiben

---- END - - - 


As I understand,... its confusing or the support answer is not trustworthy. For me it seems EN will not support this function (anymore) .

So please, if here are some people who wants to go one using Swiftscan (ScanBot) for android to automatically upload to Evernote - give your thumbs up and contact the support please. 


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The answer from support is a standard text, basically telling they don’t really know. I have the impression that interfaces for the app are indeed not on the agenda. Building interfaces for specific apps really makes no sense, it is a loosing game of adapting the interface.

ScannerPro has 2 ways of sending content: The sharing process on device using the iOS standard, and the workflows using the API. Both work, fortunately.

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Hi @PinkElephant, I contacted the swiftscan team again. its been nearly 4 month now (I sent first support message on 15th of October with ticket 210457), that I can't upload documents automatically to the Evernote cloud service anymore, cause it dissappeared from the selection in the app.


I already checked other scan tools, but for android there is no good Alternative. 

Can you influence the solution? are you in contact with Evernote? 

The support from swiftscan replies this today:


February 9, 2023 at 7:51 PM

Hello Sina,


We are unable to provide any information as of this moment since the issue is under investigation. Rest assured that our team is actively working on it and we sincerely thank you for your patience and kind understanding in the meantime.



SwiftScan Support Team


Anyone an ideas how to resuscitate my automatic work flow again? 

regards, Sina

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The Evernote API had not changed (yet) so there is no reason that SwiftScan should not work unless they have changed things at their end.

Evernote support is correct that the v10 app is different. So if SwiftScan relied on the Evernote app to do something then it might no longer work. But sending content to Evernote should not have changed.

There was another cloud service that had a problem recently but it proved to a problem with that service rather than Evernote. I think that is the case here too.

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I had been using Swiftscan up until a week ago when it stopped working.  Evernote disappeared from my options to upload.  I contacted swiftscan and they said they have officially removed the option of being able to upload to evernote.  They have no workaround and trying to send a simple scan to my email stuck for 45 minutes and did not go through.  

Has anyone found an alternative?  I tried scanning using the evernote app but am finding it extremely cumbersome... (+new, camera, auto, save (after each page to prevent it from scanning to one note instead of multiple.... and many of my scans are coming up out of focus.


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Hi.  It's important to scan in a very good light to get OCR-able (and in-focus) scans,  but I guess if you're relying on an app for a lot of scanning you want the minimum of set-up time.  I use scanning apps from both Adobe and Microsoft if I have any problems with Evernote's scanner. 

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I think you wold probably find things easier with a third party application if you are using a mobile device.  I scan, a little, with Camscanner on an Android phone then share the result to Evernote.

Mostly I scan via my desktop scanner wi=hich works seemlessly.

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Personally I use ScannerPro on the iPhone. It scans well, and it has workflows to send scans into EN. Each workflow is linked to a different notebook, and attaches a set of tags.

It is still working, a big time saver.

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