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Sorting tasks by role: Can I use "assigned" to filter tasks by my personal and my work identify

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Before I make another change with unintended consequences, let me ask:

I figured out how to create more priority tiers in my task list here.

Now I want to quickly filter my list by personal tasks vs business tasks. I have 3 businesses that need separation. I thought about assigned tasks just using my 1 personal and 3 different email addresses.

I have no one else to assign tasks to except my 4 different selves.

But I wondered if there's a more efficient way.

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18 minutes ago, snsokstan said:

Now I want to quickly filter my list by personal tasks vs business tasks.

I don't know of any way to filter a list.  You could create separate lists of personal and business tasks by having separate notes and tags to contain the tasks,  and by using the title (maybe?) to include a date,  you could perhaps sort these tasks into chronological order.  You seem to have a rather specialized requirement that I don't share...

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On 11/21/2022 at 7:43 PM, gazumped said:

Given that they're into fitness and photography - and not even in control yet - I can't imagine...

14 years and over 14,000 notes in EN gives me a lot of anxiety about the acquisition. I've been burned by software acquisitions that didn't turn out to be beneficial to the user bases in the past.  Just to ease that anxiety, I've moved one of my smaller notebooks to another platform just to get comfortable in a new environment in case....

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