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two requests: default font size and ability to use with Dragon Naturallyspeaking




It's very important to me to be able to set a default font size that is larger than the default 16. I know other people are asking for this as well. Please make it a priority!

Also, for the disabled community, it would be very helpful if Evernote could work with Dragon Naturallyspeaking. I've broken the shoulder and wrist on my dominant side, and I'm dictating everything.

Thank you!

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Hi.  I'm sorry for your injury.  You're in Evernote Teams requests - Evernote's business app - but I assume that's not what you're using.  Please confirm your Device, OS and Evernote Version,  and we can move your post to the correct 'requests' Forum.

I don't know whether or when Evernote has plans for a default font,  but they are unlikely to introduce these changes anytime in the near future.  We're a mainly user-supported forum,  so have no insider knowledge.

You could presumably get someone to use an automation app like Microsoft's Power Automate to change fonts in a note,  and if your OS has a personal assistant,  you may be able to dictate notes and font changes that way. 

Good luck with that - please let us know if you manage to get together a working system!

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