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Zotero citations on Evernote

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I know it's not a new topic but I have not found a good workaround to use evernote as a canvas for my papers and at the same time integrate zotero citations in a way that 'MS Word' does. 
Sounds silly, at first, to try to write a scientific paper on evernote, but even as a draft, it would be good to have an easier way to do things. I love and support evernote. I just wish we had more people begging for such integration.

At the moment this is what I do:

1. When it's time for a cittationm I write it manually (e.g.: (Castro, 2022),

2. Go back to zotero. find the citation, copy the reference;

3. Go back to Evernote and past it.

It works, it's ugly, it takes me away from the pretty and resourceful interface of Evernote, but that's it.

Anyway, hope one day we find an answer to it. 

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As an academic, I used Zotero all the time in Word. It was Zotero that created the Word add-in. It will have to be Zotero that created an Evernote add-in. I'm not sure that they will be willing or interested but take it up with Zotero support.

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1 hour ago, Prof_Ricardo_Castro said:

Agsteele, it makes sense. I also use the word/zotero combination but I believe Evernote could also be an interesting tool for dynamic drafts before getting serious on word. Thanks for the reply!

Did you raise the idea with Zotero support? They will be the ones who would take the initiative.

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