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Accidentally Trashed a Note I need

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A few minutes ago, I accidentally deleted a Note (dumped the Trash in Evernote for Mac, latest version, v10.45.5. It was a Note which Evernote I guess auto-created yesterday as a backup. I'd checked to see this had the latest additions to the Note, but still ended up Trashing the wrong one.

I tried going to Note > Note History, but the version that's listed was backed up about 5 hrs. before I added the latest content. So I didn't try to retrieve that Note.

Is it possible for Evernote tech support to retrieve the actual Note I accidentally Trashed today? Or is that likely gone forever?

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You can retrieve any note from the trash yourself. Go there, find the note, right click and restore it.

However, if you emptied the trash, or if you intentionally deleted the note from the trash a second time, sayonara, then it is gone. No, it is not recoverable then.

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