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Disable searching a specific notebook when searching for a note.

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I'm technical consultant and I maintain a notebook for each of my customers, of which I have several dozen. When search for a note the last notebook you were using is the default location for the search. Is there any way to disable this feature or set the default to Everywhere?

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The selected notebook will show as a blue button on top of the search, if you start searching from a specific notebook.

Just click on the „X“ to remove the notebook selection.

Initially it always was „all notebooks“, but there were user requests, so this was refined. If you want to search without a notebook restriction, start from the general „notes“ view.

A better way would be to define some searches using the advanced search syntax, save them as saved searches, and use them at discretion.

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@mgoldenb Have you ever used the 'Switch To' command (keyboard shortcut is Cmd-J) for searching? By default it has an in-place search of any titles, notebooks, or tags that match what you type, but it also has a 'Search for [TERM] in Notes' that you can arrow down to and select.

In this example, I pressed 'Cmd-J', typed 'Roger', and then hit enter to search all my notes for the term 'Roger'


That 'Switch To' command search will disregard what the currently selected notebook (or other list filter) is set to and will search all your notes.

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