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Handwriting Cutting Out

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Using new iPad Pro, while hand writing notes with Apple Pencil, letters and words are disappearing as soon as I write them.  Seems to occur when I write fast.  I end up writing the same thing 2 or 3 times before it "takes."  Very annoying.  Did not occur before with previous, older iPad Pro.  Have tried to adjust various settings that are new with the new iOS but nothing seems to work or make things any better.  I do not experience this with other hand note taking apps, just Penultimate.

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Temporary fix for this (for me at least, hopefully for you too) is to go to the Apple Pencil settings and turn off 'Show Effects when using Pencil'

This seems to be caused by the addition of 'hover' detection in iPadOS 16+ on the recent Pros.  Turning this setting off allows me to write properly in Penultimate.

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Having a similar issue after the system upgraded to ios16.2. Was fine before that. When i lift the pencil and put it back to the next word, about a cm large square of whiteness destroys what I've written. However if I go to the Pencil definitions and turn the "Show Pencil effects" on and back off, it starts working fine. Doesn't happen with any other app, so it is clearly Penultimate related.

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Penultimate is a piece of outdated, nearly unsupported software. When it was first released, there was no Apple Pencil.

You can issue a support ticket. Personally I think you will rather find Penultimate discontinued before any major fixes will happen.

I switched to GoodNotes years ago and never looked back.

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Then contact support - Penultimate is not really hotly discussed here in the forum. It is outdated, and barely supported by EN.

An alternative could be Noteshelf - the app itself is much better than Penultimate, and is has the option to sync with your EN account directly as well.

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