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Improved Linking from Task to Note

_Mark M_


I'm sure this has been raised previously but I can't find a suitable post to add my 'me too!' comment to (pretty sure an admin will point me to one now though 😉)

I've dabbled with Tasks a few times and initially struggled with the logic that the system works best with tasks within notes ... my simple brain prefers a list of tasks, that may have associated notes.

I get the logic and I'm rolling with it but I still can't ditch the requirement to be able to create a task and link it to a note that has all the supporting detail, attachments etc.

I know I can technically do this today but the aesthetics and practicality of this kind of entry in a task list doesn't work for me:

"Test Task With Link to Note | evernote:///view/1038138/s9/4ec15a16-871f-9464-945f-fb8959b7d74a/33955c02-a522-3b8b-9fda-6ea51d53f162"

Is there any plan to be able to do in tasks what I can do in notes and have something like:

"Test Task With Link to Note  | [Note]" ... where the content of the square brackets is a hyperlink to the target note?

Simply being able to highlight the [Note] text, right clicking, add link, paste link would be a game changer for me!

Is it ever likely to happen?

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The Task context is a note. So rather than creating a task in a generic note with a link to another note, add the task to the specific note. It will then appear in the task pop out connected to a note to which you can jump to.

Once I grasped the potential of creating tasks inside the relevant note thyey became much more useful to me.

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Same as @agsteele for me.

In my opinion, Tasks were made to make the existing notes more actionable. This then allows, by inheritance, for all kinds of rich note text including images, tables, etc.. to be associated with that task (because they too are already part of the note).

I think having one super note with a bunch of tasks in it where each individual task would link to other notes goes against the grain of the design and is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. For my own usage I've found it's better to have just one task per note -- or in some cases a small number of tasks per note -- depending on the situation.

(Somewhat related, I've also started to realize and figure out that it works better if I use multiple notes vs one big long huge document in many cases.)


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