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smaller font, but same row height?

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Hello, so in Evernote for Windows I just wanted to make a paragraph to have smaller font then the rest of the text in my note. I changed it from default 16 to something less, but to my surprise the rows didn't shrink! What's the point in shrinking text if it doesn't take less space on my screen then? Also it looks rather silly if letters are small but gaps between rows stay big. How do I shrink them?

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quick and efficient... I don't feel that way when I am waiting for sync when trying to work on Evernote Android and Evernote Windows together :-]

I just thought that if Evernote is happily able to paste pictures and replace Youtube links with a video preview (even when I don't want it to!) it will be able to do this. Funnily it seems that there is some minimum row height limit, because if you INCREASE the font size the row height increases, but if you decrease it back it will decrease too, but only to font size 16.

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Sure it will increase when you go beyond what fits into a given row height. I surely have not problem with it. If going below the height for 16 is a problem for you, contact support. The support staff may be sitting around (both of them) playing a long chess play because everything else is solved. If not, I would expect such a request to end up in the bottom drawer.

About syncing it does everything I can duefully expect for me - this is given that the current sync design is always syncing a full note, and it needs to go to the server first, before it can spread to other devices. Usually between my Macs and my iOS devices it takes some seconds to sync, sometimes a minute or so, fast enough if not real time is the expectation. I even use to exchange files with my wife between her PC and my Mac using a shared notebook in EN - we found it the most convenient „drop box“ for us, because we can add a little text or a speech message to the file we trade. Sync is happening fast even there, between accounts.

If you think about it it is little short of a miracle: Our desks are facing each other - the note will travel from one desks computer to a server, thousands of miles away, and back from there to the other desk, taking up nearly no time at all. But I stray OT, in short: For us it works.

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You never know, maybe they make an editor revision one day, with a lot of many little things users are asking for.

But I agree, it is pretty unlikely. However without dropping something with support (or send feedback) the issue will not even be looked at. AFAIK EN is not actively "harvesting" the forum for input.

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