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Is Evernote again hacked (leaked credentials)?

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Evernote was hacked in 2013, then in summer 2020 (I changed my password after that), recently my account had many unauthorized accesses, so is there again a new hack/leak? I receive only ads/promo emails from Evernote (besides the new login notifications), Evernote NEVER sends information about any hack with the new password recommendation within this customer email communication/notifications :-(. I always had to read that in public media. I will never pay for such poor insecure service.

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On 11/14/2022 at 8:56 AM, Lopez Gonzales said:

I will never pay for such poor insecure service.

There have been attempted hacks but Evernote (AFAIK) has always managed to protect essential user data.  If they feel your account has been individually targetted they will email you.  If the company was hacked I believe they're required to advise everyone.  They publish generalised advice here - What to do if you suspect unauthorized access to your Evernote account

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On 11/14/2022 at 8:56 AM, Lopez Gonzales said:

Evernote was hacked in 2013, then in summer 2020

Do you have something to support this assertion? I've not been aware of anything like this.

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I would start with changing my account password from „Evernote123“ to something more adequate …

A little bit of historical review:

The hack in 2013 did NOT compromise login credentials. EN decided as a safety measure to reset all account logins, which later showed to be not necessary - but better safe than sorry (kudos to ENs security team).

There was NO breach in 2020.

There is no breach in 2022 (OK, it’s not over yet, but up to now).

What exists are all sorts of other threats: Weak and reused passwords (user issue), no 2FA enabled (user issue), malware with keyloggers and screengrabbers on users computers, copying login credentials (indirectly a user issue as well). It is in anybodies hands to improve protection against these threats.

And of course there are users who fail in protecting their credentials, do not learn from their deficiencies and continue to blame others, because (of course) it happens to them again and again.

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