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Evernote Legacy App Glitch on MacOS Ventura 13

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I use the Evernote legacy app, and ever since updating to MacOS Ventura, I've run into an issue around the notes panel. It will not expand to meet the window current window size and remains stuck at defined size while the rest of the window remains gray. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the legacy app, but the issue still persists. How can I fix this issue?

Thank You! 

Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 11.35.45 AM.jpg

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This has been already reported several times in the forum. As far as I remember no fix was posted.

Legacy is end of life. If the window doesn’t size anymore (or if the app outright fails), that’s what it is. Nobody is going to touch anything,  nobody will code a fix.

Options are: Somebody finds a workaround and posts it, Apple releases a new OS version that as a side effect fixes it, you continue to use legacy as it is, you switch to v10.

What I can confirm: No window sizing problems with Ventura and v10.

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I won’t really call it broken. It is like it does come with age: You get out of bed one morning, and realize it is now aching in a place you didn’t know you had a place there before. All the rest seems OK. To me it looks similar here, just an app showing its age a little.

But of course, who is still using it as his main application should have a plan B - when it stops working tomorrow, it is too late to start thinking.

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The current problem with legacy on Ventura, and any future one will NOT get addressed by the EN team.

I am not sure how often we need to post here what EN communicated right when version 10 launched, more than 2 years ago: All legacy clients are deprecated, there will be NO action whatsoever. Even if they outright fail one day, then they are gone, and that’s it.

Personally I would not rely on any legacy client for mission critical use cases. I still use it for 2 tasks only: Tag housekeeping and printing. Here v10 still has a way to go.

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I have no fix for notes not expanding to fill the window size, but a quick way to get around the problem is to hide the side panel (option + command + s) and then show it again (option + command + s)

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If legacy starts to behave strangely - expect NO fix.

If legacy fails outright - expect NO fix.

If legacy takes down the whole Mac while trying - expect NO fix.

Legacy is a dead horse, and dead horses doesn‘t win races. It lived on borrowed time the last years, since it was declared deprecated in autumn 2020. If its over now, RIP. If not, anybody using it should be aware that it may fail any day without any prior notice. So enjoy what‘s working, but avoid building mission critical use cases on it.

Personally I still use EN legacy for 2 defined use cases (tag housekeeping, printing), and would not like to see it fail since v10 still has not yet made up the missing ground on these 2 specific issues. Beside this I see no reason to do anything in legacy any more.

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On 12/29/2022 at 1:16 AM, osmanyildirim said:

If you want to see it fill the note area; hide the sidebar (option + command + S) and then show it again (option + command + S).
You can see full width.

THIS! Thank you thank you thank you osmanyildirim!! You saved us from having to switch to the dreadful new Evernote!

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I've been using the new client since this bug appeared. It's horrible. Really, really bad. There are reasons we stayed on Evernote Legacy. None of those reasons have been addressed, and at this point quite obviously won't be.

The UI has almost no customization - sidebar and toolbars aren't customizable at all, keyboard shortcuts - what few there are now - are gated behind a paid subscription, views are a pale shadow of what they used to be. Code blocks, dividers, tables - things I use constantly - are stuck inside the "insert" menu, while Evernote's terrible grasping at non-note taking stuff (calendaring, tasks, groupware bullshit) are now front-and-center. Nag screens are somehow even more constant than they used to be (and with how Evernote 10 hasn't improved on anything they removed from Evernote 7, like hell I'm giving them money now). Some things simply can't be done: I document code and procedures in Evernote, and will frequently put things in code blocks, then highlight the important bits (red for things that might change, green to highlight important output, etc). Evernote 7 has no problem with this; Evernote 10 eliminates all formatting options in a code block. The whole thing is a non-native shitshow, and that doesn't even get into how the thing just ceases launching when there's no network. That was really fun yesterday when I was trying to pull up my notes to fix my router and couldn't!

So yes, I'm staying on this zombie until such time as there is a competitor that will serve my needs (and am utterly thrilled at the above workaround). Evernote has shown they have no interest in their Legacy mission of effectively managing information. They want to be another (*****) group/team-ware thing. No thanks.

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i am a 10 PAYING veteran on EN and i am getting nag screens as well to go to professional. STOP IT! I am already giving money... i dont need pro. email spam me so i can put it in the junk... but leave me alone. i pay good money to not have these annoyances. 

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There is no fix, and there will be no fix.

Legacy is deprecated, if it fails, it fails.

The only (not very realistic) chance is that Apple changes something in Ventura that revives the viewing mode of legacy.

Best option: Switch to v10 - there is no reason not to, just the opposite.

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PinkElephant, how can you say there's no reason not to switch to version 10? Here are just five reasons I have discovered in the few hours that I have had version 10.

 On the edit menu I no longer see the choice for transformation which allowed you to take a sentence and change it to all caps or to capitalize just the first letters of each of the words. 
When I look at the fonts that are available, I only see six choices 
and none of them are the typical choices usually found on any kind of word processing.. For instance, the legacy version has 11 or 12 different fonts and many of them are the most common, things like helvetica, courier, Times new Roman, Arial, etc.
Here is the biggest thing I'm missing:
There is no spelling autocorrect which is on almost every type of program involving typing. The app does underline the misspelled word with red dots, and you can CONTROL-click on the word and chose the correct spelling……so why is there no autocorrect? Why would this feature have been taken away?
The ability to now change the color of the text is extremely limited compared to the previous version. In Evernote legacy you could bring up a color wheel. 
The size of text cannot be adjusted to the size I prefer. On legacy we have the ability to use shift-command-> to increase to any size we wanted. For example I use 21 or 22 a lot but now only presets of 20 or 24 are available.
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Fonts: Often explained, if you look it up. All fonts you mention are under license of Microsoft, legally only available on Windows installations. Legacy borrows them from the OS, and only from THIS OS. I’m on a Mac, and none of these fonts exist there. EN puts platform neutrality over of any platform specific aspects. The installed font are licensed to EN, notes look the same on all devices. If you want to play with fonts, use a word processor or page Lay-out program. You can, about this and all other issues, of course contact support.

Case selection: As I type this, it doesn’t exist neither, although it is a different program. The new editor is made for fast, lean note taking. This means a reduced set of functions. If you want a converter, as you describe, contact support. This is IMHO by no means mission critical to write a note.

All spelling functions are borrowed from the OS on which the app is running. You can turn spell checking on and off. That’s it. Want more: Yes, support again.

There are 14 colors available. I think more than sufficient for taking notes. If you want more control: Word processor, page layout - see above. Or support …

There are font sizes available in reasonable steps. I can select a different size with few clicks, even on a smartphone. Not any size, but enough to make the difference stick out. It again is build for lean, fast operation.

There is a basic difference in the use case you describe vs. what is provided for in the new editor. The new editor is streamlined for note taking. This is it’s only purpose. There even doesn’t exist a concept of a „page“, there are no breaks or margins. There is an (nearly) endless canvas, holding the notes text and additional objects. The focus is not on form, the focus is on the content.

The legacy clients tried to be a little note taker, and a little word processor. Maybe this suited you better, but be sure: It’s gone. We had a lot of discussion about it initially, but I think most users found out that less can be more, and the new editor is offering a clutter free, efficient way of writing and reviewing notes. You can approach support - but I doubt this basic concept will be changed, in favor of the old „little brother to MS Word“ approach.

You can stick with legacy, on your own risk. For how long, nobody knows. But EN started to actively inform and discourage legacy users, so I wouldn’t bet on the longevity of the legacy clients. If you want to look for alternatives, make sure you know your use cases well. If you like to tinker with your text, in all little details, I doubt a note taking app will be the next place to go for you. Many deploy MarkDown, and against these the new editor is looking crowded with features.




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