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Feature Request: Wear OS App



(If this is more suitable in the General Requests forum, please move it there)

I've been an avid user of your service since at least 2011, and held a paying membership for around 6 years. This is hands-down the best note-taking app that I've found. With the release of Wear OS 3 on the Google Pixel Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watches 4/5, and others, Android users such as myself finally have viable, non-fragmented smartwatch options. The user base is growing as is support on the platform, and developing a Wear OS app would help attract those users to your service as a cross-platform solution to their needs. I know I would love to use it to lookup notes and create simple notes on the go. Please consider this feature request, especially because 1. you have already built a smartwatch version for the Apple Watch, and 2. competitors such as Keep and Todoist already have Wear OS companion apps. Thank you!

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