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Add PDF annotation support for 2-in-1 and touchscreen laptops



Currently trying to annotate PDFs using a 2 in 1 laptop is very difficult and time consuming:

  • There is no way to scroll on a page whilst in tablet form, meaning the only way to annotate a page is by not zooming at all. If I do want to scroll, I have to convert back to laptop form to use the touch pad. A useful feature would be a scroll bar or a movement tool just to drag scroll around a page.
  • There is no way to undo annotations, so you have to drag the annotation off the page to remove it. An undo button or erase tool would be useful.
  • Generally, it is annoying that there is no way to edit an annotation after it has been formed. When trying to annotate using a pen it is very difficult to write a chunk of text without pausing too long and being unable to add to the same text annotation. A useful feature could be that when you click on an annotation it has a button to allow you to edit it, then tapping on the side bar stops the editting.
  • I have a considtant glitch where when using the pen I will get a random vertical or horizintal line in my annotation.
  • I think a useful feature would be having annotation presets so I can save a colour, tool, and line thickness instead of having to set it up every time i want to use it.

These are just a few things I've noticed since using Evernote for a few months for university work.

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Hi.  You have very specific needs for a specific type of device - while Evernote is consistently updating and upgrading its features,  I doubt this is going to be high priority.  Is there any third party software you could use to annotate these documents outside of Evernote?  The latest Adobe reader seems to do a great deal in its latest version... 

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There is no Windows computer that works good with a pencil. They work somehow. And this is nothing EN will solve. I doubt they will even try.

You like Pencil work ? Get an iPad. 

You like handwritten pencil work ? Get an iPad plus a decent handwriting app, like GoodNotes, Notability or Noteshelf. EN is the wrong tool for handwriting, it lacks all support the true handwriting apps offer.

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