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My new computer cannot use evernote!!

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Newly installed. After click the evernote icon, it keeps loading, then stopped.

I login discussion.evernote.com, it says 

Notice of Scheduled Maintenance Beginning October 31, 2022 // Aviso de Mantenimiento Programado Comenzando el 31 de Octubre del 2022

Today it's November 9 !!!!!!!!!!

You may be unable to log in or sync for up to 30 minutes.

Today it's November 9 !!!!!!!!!!

But my old computer still works fine. WHAT HAPPENED ?????





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@ronrun The reason you were asked if you were a Free plan user is because the symptoms you describe often affect Free plan users. We cannot tell from your initial post which plan you are on.

You should remember that these forums are user to user support. So you are talking to fellow users.

The good news is that you can still access Evernote on your old computer. So it seems to be an issue with Evernote and the new device rather than with your account. 

You don't say whether you are using Windows or MacOS. Either way, your first stop will be to uninstall with an Uninstaller - not just the standard uninstall. On Windows Revo Uninstaller will fully uninstall. Then you can reinstall and ensure any corrupted files are properly replaced. There is a similar program for MacOS.

If that doesn't work then add a passing user you can open a support ticket with Evernote.

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From what I see here I can’t tell for sure. But there have been problems on some computers to load v10.48.4. EN then released v10.48.5, without much fanfare.

If you had the .4-release first and now the .5-release, it would explain what has happened.

Just my 5 ct

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