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Emails forwarded to Evernote are rejected

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I'm using evernote to collect receipts I'm receiving through emails and I'm trying to forward it to evernote email. Most of these emails fail without any particular reason in response email. It only has 
Subject: We couldn’t save your email into Evernote

I was able to submit 2 emails with PDF documents attached, but all other emails which don't have any PDF failed in the same way.

Would anyone know for some particular reason why it's failing?




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I've checked this help page. It's pretty basic and not very helpful for troubleshooting. I don't see anything that might indicate why I have the problem. I've tried to send email directly without anything special, just subject and few lines of text. It doesn't get through. Now, it stopped sending failure notifications, which I was able to see earlier few times. Is there any way you can see additional logs related to failure?

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8 minutes ago, ZJeremic said:

I think this might explain the reason:
Note: Evernote Free customers can try this feature out, but are limited to five test emails.

I'm using free account. Does it mean I can't forward emails?

Yep,  sorry - if you have webmail of any sort you could still use clipper to copy emails into Evernote,  but no email action without money up front I'm afraid...

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That would depend.  If you used the stand-alone web clipper extension/add-on that exists for most browsers then that doesn't count as a device. Just don't open the resulting note in the web version of Evernote.

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