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Evernote を読み込めませんでした (windows)

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Are you on a free account, or a paying user ?

If on a free account, you may have a problem with the number of devices. Even if installed on the same computer, a legacy client and a new client count as 2 "devices". You then probably need to unsync devices to make the client load the notes.

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結論としては「フォーラムではどうしようもないので、テックサポート (https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action) に直接連絡してください」とのこと。私も先ほど報告しました。


  • バージョン: 10.48.4-win-winstore-public (via Microsoft Store)
  • プラン: Evernote Personal
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OK, then it is not related to the device count.

I avoid the Store versions (in my case on the Mac), too many problems.

So either try to uninstall the store version (maybe use Revo Uninstaller, I am not sure about Windows, but the install must go, completely). Then get the direct download from the website, install and try again.

Alternative is indeed to contact support.

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試してみたところ、たしかに起動しました。クライアントバージョン 10.48.4 で発生していた問題は、10.48.5 (最新版) では修正されているようです。







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It seems there was a problem with v10.48.4

This was fixed with v10.48.5

You can find this minor change in version numbers if you read through your own posts in this thread.

When support told you to download the installer again, it was the correct advise.

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