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Has the bug where note contents disappear been resolved? (Web Evernote)

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8 hours ago, akiratt11 said:

This bug occurred when I was using it in 2021

If you reported it to Support you would have been able to follow it through and know whether or not your issue was a bug and when (or whether) it would be resolved.  Bear in mind that Evernote is operating within browser limitations and relying on your internet service to save information back to their server.  If you spend some time working in the app,  slow or dropped connections,  other traffic,  or just switching from the browser to another app and back may prevent the content being saved.  It's better to use an installed app so that you at least have a local temporary file to fall back on if there are problems.

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11 hours ago, GSADave said:

I'm unable to see the content of my Notes when using the web client. I've tried Crome, Safari and IE. Also can't see content on the GUI interface either. I see all my content when accessing it on my phone.

To be clear, are you seeing that notes exist in the Notes list, but you cannot see the content of any note? Or do you not even see that any notes exist at all? In the latter case, it's possible that you signed in with a slight error in the credentials (username/email, password), which would create a brand new, empty account. If that is the case, be very careful of the credentials when you sign in.

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