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Hi.  Usually a sign that you've exceeded the note size or upload limits for that account.  Could be related to the ongoing maintenance that Evernote is running - try again,  and maybe try another smaller file too?

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Still have 98% for uploads this month and the size is only 684kb.   Could be maintenace but was able to use evernote clip in safari and that worked OK.

Seems to happen only on scanned documents using ScanSnap where pdf goes to evernote.   Been doing this for many years without a problem. Was thinking new release and maybe needed update to Settings-Privacy but nothing I could find to update.


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You don't say how you handle the ScanSnap connection to Evernote.  A number of us find that scanning into an import folder is more flexible and reliable than a direct scan into a link to Evernote.

Create an Import Folder. With ScanSnap scan and save in a folder.  You can change the file name to make it more useful if you wish and, of course, you can have multiple Import Flders so allowing you to scan directly into different notebooks.

Of course, if that is what you are doing then my apologies for presuming otherwise.

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29 minutes ago, JWLondon said:

Same problem just started with new update 18 Nov 22

Is that an update of Evernote? In which case which version are you using and on which OS?

Or is that an update to ScanSnap? In any case, which ScanSnap application are you using? Version number and ScanSnap Manager or ScanSnap Cloud?

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This is likely linked to the "Scan to Evernote" option. I don't even know if it still works, because I don't use it. Personally I would revise the process.

What I use is ScanSnap manager for the Mac. I use a profile duplicated and modified (fixed, high resolution, lower compression, OCR) from the "Scan to folder" profile.

It creates a Scan file in a dialogue in ScanSnap manager. I have my EN import folder preselected there. Now comes the magic: I change the file name, following my own naming conventions. Once I save into the import folder, EN grabs the file, creates a new note, places the scan inside and uses the "good" file name as note title.

Result: Practically no need to rework, and a file in high quality and with embedded OCR data.

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