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Table of content WITHIN a note?

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Hello all,
I have a habit of making very long notes, with loads of information within them. 

This is in it self not a problem, however it get's very tedious scrolling through them, trying to find exactly what I need.

I know there is a way to create a table of content for notes in it self - But is there a way to structure a table of content, within the note it self - akin to how you can do it in Word for example?

If not, is there another, more suitable way to structure things to avoid this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, Memjong said:

If not, is there another, more suitable way to structure things to avoid this problem?

Hi.  This question has been asked and answered many times in the forum.  Please search before starting a new thread.  Briefly,  there is currently no way to create or to manage in-note links,  and long notes are always a risk - one error could corrupt or lose the whole note.  In a group of several shorter notes,  the same error would affect one note,  but leave the rest unaffected.

The easy way to create a group of notes is to start a new note instead of a new section.  Group them all together with a unique tag or title.  (Create a template note to do this most efficiently)  When you finish your session,  search for that tag or title and select all notes in the search listing.  Right click the selection and choose "copy internal links".  Start a new note and paste the list of links into it.  Re-arrange the list in any way and jump to any item to edit.  Add new sections in the same way.

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I completely agree with @gazumpedbut if you really must have a long note, you could start each section heading with unique characters (e.g. $$)  or an emoji (e.g.. 🔴) and use ctrl+F to search for those characters and hence cycle quickly through the headings.

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