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Keep a copy of my notes on the device at sign-out

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I have "Keep a copy of my notes on the device at sign-out" in Settings > Preferences > Application enabled, and always assumed that this would keep my Evernote .exb file in C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Evernote\Databases updated. However, I just noticed that this file's 'modified date' is several months old, ie it cannot possibly include the 100's of notes I have added/deleted/edited over this period. 

Question: should the .exb file on my computer not be modified each time I add/delete/edit a note (with "Keep a copy of my notes on the device at sign-out" enabled)? If yes, why is this not the case?

I am using the Basic version of Evernote on Windows 10.

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Your local EXB file is a left over from Evernote Legacy.  I have both Legacy and v10 installed on my desktop,  and open Legacy from time to time to keep my copy up to date as a local backup.  Your v10 database is at C:/users/<youraccount>/appdata/roaming /evernote 

- I have around 400,000 files there totalling 30GB which approximately matches my EXB size.  Evernote (AFAIK) haven't published anything official on user access to those files,  other than they're the cache for your sessions and bad things will happen if they're compromised in any way.

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That's strange—there are a lot of files and subfolders in my C:/users/<youraccount>/appdata/roaming/evernote folder, but no .exb file (or any other file looking remotely like a database file). What am I doing wrong?

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Nothing. the EXB file is no longer used and the data is not stored in a single data file. If you are now using only v10 of Evernote then all the OLD Evernote data files can be deleted.

In version 10 you need the %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote and %AppData%\Evernote directories.  Anything else is likely to be left over from the past.

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Hi agsteele, thanks for that!

'gazumped' stated earlier 'I have around 400,000 files there totalling 30GB which approximately matches my EXB size', yet I can't find any file / set of files in any of the directories you suggested anywhere close to the expected size of my database. In what folder(s)/subfolder(s), and in what format, are my EN notes (ie the text of my notes) actually stored?

Currently it doesn't look like my notes are NOT actually kept on my computer, despite of "Keep a copy of my notes on the device at sign-out" being enabled.

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You'll have to take the word of Evernote that your notes are retained on your device.  There is no database of notes in Evernote v10.

The way to check, I suppose, would be to leave Evernote open and go off-line.  Then check to see if your data is all present and correct while you are off-line.

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Can’t tell for a PC in detail, and I really don’t want to concern myself with this garbled up OS I was happy to leave for good a few years ago. But I am pretty sure there IS a local copy. You can simply find out by disconnecting your PC from the internet. Just make sure you have been logged into EN before you go offline. You can close the app before, you can turn the PC off - just don’t log out of your EN account before you do so.

Now cut all internet connection, confirm you are completely offline, and open EN. Are your notes still there ? Aha - how comes if it doesn’t hold a local copy ? Either this, or file transfer via Voodoo. I prefer to believe in a local copy.

On the Mac I know where the EN data file is located, and it really is updated all the time when I use the EN client.

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