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Links within a Note



It would be very efficient and useful if it was possible to link to a specific location within an individual note, as opposed to linking only to just the (top of) a note from another note.

For example, I have a long note of nicely formatted notes about HTML and CSS coding, and it would make the note much more useful if I could refer from one location in the note, to another.  Naturally, it would also be great to be able to link from add different note to an exact location inside a note.

I will add that this is possible in OneNote, and thus would help compete with this product (I currently use both, in part to have access to this capability, which makes my content much more useful, eg, it is a better 'knowledge management  application.  Evernote is mainly a free-form text collection/archiving tool).

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The usual method working with EN is creating a bunch of shorter notes, and link them all together on a table of content note. The introduction of backlinks a few months ago gave a large boost to this strategy, since it makes navigating to and fro between the linked notes a breeze.

In general I avoid large notes, having a better experience with the smaller ones. Links, TOCs and search is everything I need to keep them logically together.

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