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Trying to Upgrade to Evernote Personal

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I am trying to upgrade from Free to Personal.  When in the Evernote App on my Mac I go to Evernote --> Account Info and that takes me to my profile on evernote.com.

I try to update my subscription there and it tells me I need to upgrade my subscription in the App.  Just big circle.

I pulled up the Evernote App on my iPhone and try to upgrade there and it tells me I need to do it under my profile on evernote.com.

Can someone help me upgrade?

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Perhaps try this link: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new 

I think there should be a way that support can help you out with billing/payment if you aren't already a subscribed member since you want to go to Personal.

I'd personally try to avoid paying through the App Store because if you ever leave iOS and go to Android or something it might be a hassle later on to switch payment providers from Apple to Google.

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