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Collection and tracking of working hours by project or client

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Hi.  There are a number of applications for both mobile and desktop that will do this for you without setting up something complicated in Evernote.  To use a note you could either attach a spreadsheet,  which would open in Excel on any device where that app is also installed,  and then make changes to the file and re-save it back to Evernote.  You may or may not wish to take advantage of the fact that on mobiles you'll save a new additional version of that file into the note - you won't automatically replace the previous file.  Disadvantage here also:  leaving a file open on a mobile risks loses content if the connection drops or the battery is low.  Or you could just link to Excel and open the file in cloud storage from there.  But whilst I love the app,  I wouldn't recommend using Evernote for this.

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