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You guys gotta fix the multiple creation of the same note when there's a syncing issue or whatever causes it.



Sometimes it will copy the same note twice when syncing or something and I'll have like 2-4 copies made?? And then you will go and accidentally work on a previous copy and all your notes/work gets lost and shuffled between the different copies.

Please incorporate a system where it doesn't create multiple documents. And if it's gotta sync a document that's already made, call it something like "Offline Edit" and highlight what was edited offline. 

Not sure exactly what creates these documents, but it is so annoying.

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I completely agree to this post. I am a long time user of Evernote. And this problem has been happening for YEARS now without you guys fixing it. I have complained about this earlier also.

It DOES NOT sync properly and creates duplicates. Then you have to clean up the duplicates. It is really annoying and I almost dread opening evernote on different machines now. I have it on iPhone and computer. I am getting ready to quit using this software.


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"Us guys" are primarily other users; Evernote staff may come by, but this is not a way of getting into a dialog (or monolog) with them. If you search these forums, you'll find multiple complaints about this, which is clearly a serious issue. It might be more helpful to add your experiences to one of the existing threads.

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