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How to login firefox's evernote international edition web clipper extension

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I have bought evernote membership for years, but I can't login firefox 's evernote international edition web clipper.

When i click the extension button, the browser redirects to app.yinxiang.com( chinese edition )  website, but I never registered at yinxiang.com.

My firefox version is 106.0.1


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You should tell in which country you are. In mainland China EN is not available, except through a VPN tunnel to a country outside of the great firewall. Inside of China it will always connect to the Chinese EN derivative, which EN has given up years ago, and is now a completely independent setup with all data hosted on Chinese servers, fully transparent to the local authorities.

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I can't browse evernote.com without vpn in chinese mainland. (Always redirect to yinxiang.com)

I change my firefox's language to English then I can login evernote web clipper.

There is any other method to login evernote web clipper, please tell, thks.

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The Chinese government (mainland) does not allow any services to exist behind the „great firewall“ that operates servers to which the government agencies does not have a general access and key. If you have access to a service, it is actively supervised by government agencies, and action is taken if the supervisors (automatic and human) dislike any content.

This why Google is not available, this is why Apple operates separate servers just inside of China, and this is why EN has sold off his  Chinese offspring.

You need to find your own methods to deal with the situation (probably VPN is the only way). The percentage of mainland Chinese users in the forum is probably close to zero - I think the user base was practically 100% migrated to Yinxiang.

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