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Possible to print note with the tags for the note from a mac computer?

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I'm not sure if I'm writing this post in the right forum, please redirect me if it's incorrect. 

I have 2 questions:

1. Is is possible to print ALL notes in one notebook? If so, how? I can only see how I print one note at the time?

2. I really need to have the accompanying tags printed with the notes. I need to print out a large amount of notes, and I will sort them after their tags. But I can't see how I can print a note so the tags will be visible on the print. I hope this is possible to do! If so, how? If not, any tips on how to easily transfer the tags into the note? Copy all tags and paste into text?



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Personal subscription and above users can select multiple notes and can generate a single PDF and then can print that.

You can copy the tags by clicking the first and then shift-clicking the last and then you can Cmd-C on them to copy and then select an area in the note and Cmd-V to paste them into the note. No way to have them auto-print on the note that I know of.

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Thank you for your reply! 

Great tip about the single PDF, I'll definitely do that!

Regarding the tags - I was hoping there would be an easy solution rather than having to paste them in every note. Will take forever! Have to come up with a solution for that.. 

Thank you again! 

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I found a solution for the tags! 

I am using an older version of Evernote on my Mac. And it's actually possible to print notes WITH the tags in this older version. 

  1. Select all notes (cmd+c) in the notebook that you want to print (in this case all of the notes)
  2. Go to File/Print
  3. In the print pop-up window TICK the box "Print Headers"
  4. This adds tags, creation date and more to your notes when printing/saving it as a PDF


I am pasting his discussion if anyone wants a reference to a similar problem:


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To add a final note - in the older version of Evernote - it's possible to save multiple notes at the same time - but they will be saved as single PDFs. So to compile them to one PDF, this needs to be done afterwards in e.g. Adobe Acrobat Pro. But at least you'll be able to include the tags in the older version of Evernote!

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