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Google Security Flagging

P. Todd


Google sent me an email about improving security on my Google account.  The reason for the flag was due to Evernote.  See attached.  Perhaps the Evernote security team needs to work better with Google and get Google to verify Evernote's developer information?



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IMHO no need to send anything.

A user of Google and EN grants the one rights to access the other. One needs a solid dose of split personality to find a problem there. It is the data of one user, interacting by using 2 (or several apps).

The only thing here is that Google can't "see" it's the same user on both ends. So they issue a warning - duefully to be ignored.

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Right @PinkElephant no doubt.  But, the problem here is that Google is flagging it as a data risk (it isn't flagging other integrations) and says in there message that the Evernote developers have not been properly verified by Google.  Evernote needs to do whatever special magical incantations are required in cyberspace for Google to whitelist them.

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