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Taking notes on youtube videos w/screenshots? Can we 'Reset Image Size' every image in a note?

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I'm trying to figure out a better way to take notes on youtube videos. I started out watching the lectures on one monitor as I took notes on a 2nd, but tabbing to Evernote every time I wanted to paste a screenshot and having to pause the video every time was really tedious and unintuitive. I tried a couple of different chrome extensions. The first was TubersLab because it has an Evernote export built directly into it. But the controls were wonky and the export would be a table instead of just notes which I could not figure out how to export the notes (including screenshots) to Evernote without it being inside of a table. The controls for TubersLab were also really wonky and it was annoying to use. The extension I ended up settling on was Askify because it had better shortcuts. The only downside is that you have to pay $2 a month to store more than 50 screenshots which wasn't a huge deal to me. Askify has built in formatting and way better controls.

The problem with Askify is that the only way to export it is as a PDF or .md file. I found a workaround by opening the notes and just selecting everything and pasting it into Evernote. But the screenshots end up being tiny.


You can individually click on each image and select 'Reset Image Size' but is it possible to do that for every image in the note at the same time?


I'm not sure if there's a better way to take notes off of youtube lectures if anybody has any tips. I really like using Evernote because it allows me to keep everything organized but tabbing between Evernote and Youtube is super annoying especially when pasting screenshots. 

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Hi.  Can't off hand think of a way to speed things up if you need to copy the YT frame and make notes on the content.  You clearly have to pause / copy / tab over / paste and type,  then tab back to restart.  You could use a 2 x n table to constrain slides and get your notes tied to the relevant image but that's about it for suggestions. 

If you have the possibility to dictate your notes and have access to a tablet or phone,  it might be easier to have the video play on one device and use another to snap pictures (into a new note) and record your comments at the same time.  If you don't have a device (or an app) that will convert Speech To Text that means you'd have to go back and retype your notes but that could be good revision anyway...


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If you want to document your annotations over screenshots, I think you should accept that we humans are not made for multitasking. There may be YouTubers telling otherwise (LOL you can try yourself), but I don’t think we are made for it.

Based on this I would propose a 3 stepped process, that will as well help with learning, and being as efficient as I think it can be.

Step 1: Watch the video, understand the content and jot down the time stamps where you want to take a screenshot.
Step 2: Go to the time stamps, make the screenshots and place them into a 2 column EN table in a fresh note. Each picture gets its own row. A little trick: When you add „?t=1234“ to the YT URL, 1234 being the time in seconds, you jump to exactly this moment in the video. If your time stamps are good, you can grab the screenshots pretty fast. 
Step 3: Annotate the pictures in the 2nd column of the table, one by one.

This procedure will focus on a specific step in each round, making the job efficient. And it will repeat the relevant content twice after the initial watching of the whole video, already contributing to a good learning curve.

Last remark: Remember that YT is amazing, but it is by no means a good source based on a scientific approach. It usually mixes facts, opinion and show elements into a hodgepodge where truth is too often based on „alternative facts“.

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I'm a retired professor, and in my last years of teaching, students were getting heavily into using Websites (not yet YouTube) for research. I began issuing strong advisories that while, in order to get a book or an article published you have to convince a number of people that your ideas are worth using paper and ink to put before the public, any idiot can put something up on the Internet. And most of them do.

However, I would imagine that today professors (and secondary school teachers) are assigning specific YT videos for students to watch, and that is a different story, since the video will have been vetted and validated. As long as the teacher gives the right link, and students don't end up watching someone training their dog to do the laundry.

@dmund, I apologize for going off-topic. I think you're getting good advice. One thing about a table for screenshots is that, as has been pointed out a few times in these forums, table cells do give you the opportunity to control image size.

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On 10/23/2022 at 2:40 AM, dmund said:

I'm trying to figure out a better way to take notes on youtube videos.

Have you tried embedding the video (just copy the You Tube url into a note) and watching it from there. You can then make notes underneath. This only really works well if you only want to make a few notes or have a large portrait format screen, so that you don't have to scroll down and loose the video at the top. I suppose you could temporarily cut and paste the notes to be above the video if the notes become too long. You could also take screen shots using your operating sytems default method or different utilty from the inline video and paste them in.

If you paste in a Youtube url it respects the start time which can be encoded into the url (in YouTube hit the share button and click  "start at")

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