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Still can't filter tasks by tags ?

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I asked this question over in Reddit to see what others do as a work around but I got to ask here as well: 

I have been using Evernote for as long as I can remember as a note taking tools first, email and general "support" for my task system.... 

I still think that one of Evernote's sweetest features is the tagging system. Tags can be nested a lot more deeper than notebooks and.... 

I have been trying to move my task system over to Evernote but one annoying thing keeps me from doing that: one just can't filter tasks by tags (still) ! 
So for example: I can't have a view of the tasks by "realm" tags like viewing tasks by "r.home" or "r.work" tag. Or by project "p.project1".... 

So what do folks here do to organize tasks by different tags?  Do folks switch over to notebooks (that is limiting) ? 


Is this something on the roadmap at all ? 

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I've seen this mentioned several times in various threads since tasks was first introduced into Evernote and I can't say I can ever recall any Evernote staffer saying that it was on the roadmap.

I've wondered how task tags could/would be implemented with regular note tags. Would they be the same set of tags or would they be different? If I filtered a list of notes by a certain tag, should it also include a note in the filtered list if that note had a task with that tag (but the note itself wasn't tagged with it)? I would guess not, but maybe some people would want that as an option. I think there might be a lot of things to consider with it.

With my usage currently of Evernote tasks, I don't really need to be able to tag them, but if I did -- I would probably just try using my own tag by prefixing a word with a hash (#) like this:


Tasks filtered by the word 'elephant' (Well, at least the start of the word anyway). It finds both tasks.


Tasks filtered by the "tag" '#elephant' (Well, at least the start of the tag) It finds just the one task with the 'tag'.


It looks like the task filter doesn't ignore the '#' so that if you prefixed a word with it you could turn it into a tag. Of course, with this method, you don't get any kind of tag management like renaming or deleting a tag and it's not quite as elegant, but it seems like it could work.

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I already thought about that BUT the task view is what is important: 

When a user is within the tasks view/context, they should be able to see tasks by context. In this case the contexts that a user can build using the filters in tasks view should include tags! 


Everno Tags is one of the many differentiators of Evernote and tasks management and view just don't benefit of that yet. 

so pretty much long term users that unavoidably start using tags just can't use tasks as efficiently because they can't marry tags and tasks! 

I am just perplexed 🤔 at why it is taking this long to add a filter from a different place of the app the tasks views.... 



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2 hours ago, sBham said:

I am just perplexed 🤔 at why it is taking this long to add a filter from a different place of the app the tasks

Because it isn't high priority for the development team. You can give input via the Feedback option or a support ticket but whether that will get instant attention is another matter.

I know that there are MANY competing requests for enhancements. It seems that this is not at the top of the list.

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@sBhamI've been thinking a lot about this issue lately, and, although this isn't the exact solution you are seeking (being able to tag tasks), I'm wondering if we had the ability to:

  1. Save a task search (like we can save a note search...we have lots of filters for tasks currently, but we have to run them manually every single time we want to see them))
  2. Add a "filtered task widget" (like the filtered notes widget, but for tasks) to Home that displayed saved task searches, or whatever group of filtered tasks we defined. I would want multiple instances of this widget.

if this would allow you to use a naming convention in your tasks (like @Boot17suggests) and quickly/effortlessly pull or view that group of associated tasks.

I feel like if we had both of these task options, there is SO much that could be done with tasks simply using naming conventions (vs tags). 

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  • 3 months later...

I was just looking to revamp my ToDo tracking and wondering if Evernote Tasks would work for me now.  However, I think in order for it to work for me, I'd need to filter a task view by Tags.  Which brought me to this thread.  Maybe saved searches in Task View would be key as well, I can't tell as I can't use Evernote tasks enough to determine how useful or critical that would be. 

As a note, Evernote Staff member Jack Lynch did weigh in on this topic back in July 2021:


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If you watch at the data model, it is quite obvious why tasks can’t be tagged (at least not without some major redesign).

You need to get along with tagging the note(s) holding the tasks - or find another solution .

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Agree that task tagging would be complex to implement and potentially confusing for users (note tags vs task tags). However I think task view saved searches could add a lot of value without requiring wholesale changes. Indeed there is scope to make tasks much more useful by improving the task view, filter  and search options. 

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