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Two Step Verification



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2FA depends on the plan you are on.

  • Free users can only use the SMS codes.
  • Subscribers can use an authenticator app, or SMS.

Any authenticator app that produces standard time based cipher codes can be used. Personally I use Authy, because it works seamlessly over devices (including the Apple Watch). Before I used Microsoft Authenticator for a while, worked as well.

Google Authenticator is not evil - it is a stand alone app that does not require any account or connection to Google services. But why EN always tells to use it is a riddle - I have reported this misleading information several times by support ticket, to no avail. I am in the "as little Google / Meta / Amazon as possible" fraction myself, and would not use the Google Authenticator, based on principle.

From a security viewpoint I would not use codes inside of my password manager. It somehow defies the sense of a true second factor to use the very same app to hold both keys. SMS codes have a principle weakness, when somebody obtains a second SIM card with your phone number. This still happens, through phishing or social engineering. Having 2FA by SMS is 99% better than not having 2FA, but still an authenticator does a better job.

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