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Unsynced Changes message

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Upon logging out, has anyone received an Unsynced Message pop up window that states, "YOu have unsynced changes in Evernote. Make sre you're online and that all your notes have synced before exiting." 


I have no unsynced messages and I am always online.


Any help would be helpful. 

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Hi.  Device? OS? EN version?  Is it possible that you have a note that is too big to sync?  If you're a subscriber I'd suggest you contact Evernote Support (which is not us - mainly other users here.)

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If this message appears, there ARE unsynced notes. It is that simple as that.

Depending on what you have edited before, and how fast your internet connection moves the data, it can be over in a blink, or require a little waiting period.

There may be reasons to log out of the account, but I stay logged in in general, and don’t bother with logging in and out permanently. This and a fast internet connection provides that I hardly ever see this message.

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