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(Archived) 2.0 Beta - bugs/issues



1. I click on the reveal triangle for the tags list; the list opens, but won't scroll (if I click or drag in the scroll bar, it moves then snaps back)

2. Related to 1 - in this state, the show/reveal triangles in the nav pane do not respond at all

3. There seems to be an awful lot of sync activity. I opened EN, it synced. I had the problems at 1/2 above, so I closed/reopened it when the sync had finished to see if that fixed the issues. It immediately started another sync, which took some time to complete. When open, EN syncs every 5 mins, so there's never any great backlog of unsynced notes

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I don't know if this is related, but the left column gets unresponsive often opening and closing triangles. It seems to have to do with panels I have previously not loaded since using this version. For example, I have not shown attributes or saved searches before. Now that I have, I can select attributes, but all the other panels triangles have spun up and I can't select or spin them down, so I can't change notebooks or select tags or saved searches. Also, the attributes tag a very long time to load the first time. The same is happening with saved searches panel. This has happened on two different Macs (one running leopard and one running snow leopard).

Quitting restores the ability to navigate the notebooks and tags panels, until I select the saved searches or attributes panel. I could also mention that selecting the attributes or saved searches panel spins up all other panels.

The workaround seems to be to quit, then relaunch, and make sure that each panel is staying open when opening the one below it. Once all four panels are open together, you're in business.

Related to this, I'm definitely having trouble understanding the intended behavior of the panels. There seems to be no way to close all four.

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I am experiencing a similar Tags pane issue. I generally keep it closed, but when I do open it, it covers my Notebooks pane and then I cannot close the tags pane or hide it. I have to close EN and reopen it. Then I can hide the Tags pane again.

Version 2.0 Beta 2 (115692)

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I find I can get the panes to work better by resizing them by pulling up or down on the drawbar. If I size them so that all open panes have some space, then I can generally get them to open or close more easily.

There is definitely something weird about the behavior... at least I don't understand it completely.

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