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Please make the linux-beta available again



I just reinstall my linux Mint.
Clean linux-install with backup exept for aplications in the download folder.
Thinkin' I could get  the beta from your web ... 
But no - It's not there - it's been removed.
I pay every month for my evernote - and i far mostly used evernote on my main workmachine ( linux )
And then it's  syncroniced with my "put of the house laptops" ( mac  + windows 11 )

Could you please opload the beta version again - i Know it's a beta, but it was workin, almost flawless - which means great.

Please ... 
kind regards
Mads / DK


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The forum is user 2 user - we can’t do anything to help you.

The Linux client is still in private beta. You need to apply for a participation, and because the number of participants is limited, it may well be you need to wait until others decide to leave the beta trial.

The workaround is to run the web client in a browser.

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